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The Best Travel Camera

I recently took a trip to the hipster heaven called Iceland to take in the glorious scenery with three good friends. For this trip I took along a piece of gear I’d recently found in an old drawer: my father’s old 35mm Pentax film SLR. Now, I want to share a few good reasons why […]

When a DSLR fails: shooting a music video with a cell phone

I’ve had the pleasure of working withAdam Gordon Herd, an amazing Australian pianist, for the past year, creating content for his Facebook and Youtube channels. Together, we’ve shot videos of him playing an old piano in a Finnish forest, in the sea, and on a snowy field. Our modus operandi is similar for each shoot: […]

Bringing a Fairy Tale to Life: Creating a Convincing Composite Image

Alternate title: How to find legally usable images through Google image search. In my mind, the process of creating a compelling composite image is as close to painting as a photographer can get: it allows you to create almost purely from imagination, not being constricted by physical locations as with traditional photography. Last summer, I had a shoot with a […]

Behind the Scenes: Shooting the Lexus NX for Lexus Finland

I recently shot a series of pictures for Lexus Finland as part of their #LexusYoungCreatives campaign. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into the process and some of the unedited pictures. The idea behind the shoot was to showcase the new Lexus NX in a variety of beautiful Finnish landscapes. My goal was to give the images a sense of adventure […]

My wedding photo went viral, and this is what I learned

One morning last December, I woke up and noticed that a dream of mine came true: I had taken a picture that went viral. A picture I took at a friend’s wedding had been shared by UNILAD on Facebook with the caption “Best wedding photo ever.” It had over 300,000 likes and was gaining hundreds by the minute.